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Pool Repairs
Posted on Oct 1st, 2019
Gingerville Pool Repair Update
Thanks to those community members who were able to attend the August 8th town hall to review the planned Gingerville Pool repairs. 
After 50+ plus summers of service, the pool requires repairs to the coping (material at the edge of the pool), plaster, and stairs.  Water has been seeping between the layers of plaster in the pool causing the plaster to break and chip – technically referred to as delamination.  As every homeowner knows, water damage can have devastating effects on structures. 
The board contracted with Wilcoxon Pearl to complete the repairs.  The team began the work immediately following the closing of the pool, removing up to three layers of plaster, removing and re- caulking, refinishing the pool interior, and repairing stairs.  We’ll keep the community up to date as the Wilcoxon Pearl continue their renovation. 
The cost for repairs is budgeted at $57,778.  Looking forward to a grand re-opening for our improved pool in the Memorial Day 2020.