Information for Title and Real Estate Companies
Below is information regarding the Gingervile Community Association and homes within Gingerville Manor Estates:
  • All Lot Owners in Gingerville Manor Estates are members of the Gingerville Community Association
  • Gingerville Community Association fiscal year runs Jan. 1 through Dec. 31
  • Gingerville Community Association does not have a transfer fee.
  • All Gingerville homes are on their own septic, therefor there is no sewer fee.
  • Most Gingervile homes are on their own well, therefor there is no water fee.
    • NOTE: As of June 2021, ~15 homes on and around Coriander Place are currently on city water, please confirm this with your seller.
  • Use of the Gingerville Community Pool and Recreation Area is included with the annual lot assessment for Gingerville Manor Estates residents.  Gingerville Woods residents have the option to join the Gingerville Pool for an additional fee.
  • Gingerville is zoned for the following Anne Arundel County Public Schools:
    • Edgewater Elementary School
    • Central Middle School
    • South River High School
  • Please provide the following URL to your buyer so they have access to information regarding the Community By Laws, Covenants and Lot Assessments:
  • Gingerville Woods is a separate community from Gingerville Manor Estates and has a separate HOA and Bylaws. Any information regarding homes located in Gingerville Woods should be directed to the Gingerville Woods HOA directly. Gingerville Manor Estates HOA will not respond to those requests.